Luke Armstrong

Luke Armstrong, , Chief Revenue Officer

Luke Armstrong has served as F45’s Chief Revenue Officer since January

2019 and is responsible for driving revenue growth and aligning franchise sales with marketing,

customer support and franchise performance teams. From November 2013 until assuming his position

as F45’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mr. Armstrong served as Global Head of Franchise Sales. Mr.

Armstrong earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney in 2003. He then started his

career with UBS Investment Bank, where he was stationed in London (2004), Zurich (2006), Singapore

(2010) and New York (2011). From August 2006 to March 2010, Mr. Armstrong was responsible for

managing the bank’s Global Spot Foreign Exchange Trading business before relocating to New York,

where he helped establish UBS’s Foreign Exchange Algorithmic Trading Desk. Upon his subsequent

return to Australia, Mr. Armstrong was part of the inaugural F45 Training community in Paddington,

Sydney. When he joined F45 Co-Founders Rob Deutsch and Adam Gilchrist in their quest to franchise

their concept in November 2013, Mr. Armstrong was instrumental in building out the Australian

franchise network before turning his focus to F45’s international expansion in 2016, specifically

focusing on Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe. In addition to his role as F45’s Chief Revenue

Officer, Mr. Armstrong has also been an F45 franchisee since 2015.