We were founded in 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Our CEO and co-founder Adam Gilchrist recognized an opportunity to leverage technology to offer consumers an effective, multi-disciplinary and community-driven workout that serves as an affordable alternative to one-on-one personal training and repetitive, single-discipline studio classes. Soon after the first F45 Training studio opened in Paddington, Australia, our founders focused on using technology to streamline and standardize the F45 Training experience in order to franchise the business. We quickly expanded, initially selling franchises to members of the original studio, after which viral word-of-mouth marketing led to rapid growth, and we opened nearly 200 studios over the following 30 months. In less than eight years, we have scaled our global footprint to 2,801 Total Franchises Sold in 63 countries, including 1,555 Total Studios.

Our in-studio experience utilizes our proprietary technologies: our fitness programming algorithm and our patented technology-enabled delivery platform. Our fitness programming algorithm leverages a rich content database of over 3,900 unique functional training movements to offer new workouts each day. Our content delivery platform allows us to standardize the F45 Training experience across our global footprint and broadcast content, including workout instructions and timing, directly to our in-studio F45TVs and speaker systems. Our in-studio experience is further enhanced by trainers who provide guidance on proper form and movement, as well as motivate our members and foster a positive sense of community. We believe our approach helps to provide a consistent and high-quality fitness experience across our network of studios, keeping members highly engaged and helping them to achieve and sustain their fitness goals.